Year 10

Gain the skills and knowledge to design and create original wooden craft works
with state of the art equipment.

This is a dynamic and engaging course where students develop skills and the knowledge to use a variety of professional machinery in the production of woodwork projects with an emphasis on design and joinery. There is a strong focus on lateral thinking in the creation of individual works. Students are taught to work safely and sustainably in a custom built workshop.

Woodwork is a subject suited to both male and female students as each project retains sufficient flexibility in design to cater to the interests of all participants.

Examples of projects undertaken by the students may include:

  • toolbox
  • ballista-catapult challenge
  • rolling pin from recycled timber
  • cutting board from recycled timber
  • individual, student designed, wooden clock

Prerequisite:  Nil

This course leads to:  Year 11 Materials Design and Technology (Wood) – General or students may choose the FLEXed pathway.