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Learning Enhancement

Catholic Education in Western Australia is committed to providing education for all students which is inclusive of all learners.

A Culture of Inclusive Learning

Educators at Prendiville Catholic College embrace a culture of inclusivity, where the importance of meeting the needs of all students in their classrooms is recognised, and necessary accommodations or adjustments are in place to cater to specific needs and learning difficulties. Staff at the College acknowledge, value and cater to the diverse needs of students within their classrooms through a range of teaching, learning and assessment approaches aimed at facilitating best learning outcomes.

Student's identified on an Individual Leaning Plan

Provisions for students diagnosed with specific learning difficulties and diverse learning challenges within the mainstream programme are documented through an Individual Learning Plan which is accessible to all teachers. These accommodations /adjustments to the curriculum are coordinated by the Learning Enhancement Coordinator.

Learning Enhancement at Prendiville (LEAP)

Some students with a diagnosed learning difficulty may be eligible for additional support across curriculum on a needs basis. Students receiving additional support may be withdrawn from a regular class or may be allocated a time- tabled period of support, within the Learning Enhancement Centre.

The programme is aimed at providing support to students requiring help with a range of specific skills, or assistance with tasks across all areas of the curriculum.

Individual Special Arrangements

Individual teachers can access support of the Learning Enhancement to cater for students who are eligible for additional time on timed assessments.

The Learning Enhancement Coordinator will work alongside all stakeholders including teachers, students and parents towards effecting the best learning outcomes for the student.

Further information regarding our Learning Enhancement Programme can be obtained from Director of Diversity & Excellence | Scott Kinner