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Xavier House

Justice is the sum of all moral duty | WILLIAM GODWIN

PATRON | St Francis Xavier

VALUE | Justice

COLOUR | Black

MASCOT | Dragon

Xavier House was created in 2019. Its first members were made up of students who volunteered to move from other Houses. Early 2019 students and staff created an artwork depicting a Dragon, the Xavier House mascot, and added their hand prints in the colour of their previous house, connecting to their new house identity, but acknowledging their past.

St Francis Xavier

St Francis Xavier was born in Spain during the 16th century. He was instrumental in the establishment of Christianity in India and Japan. He was recognised for his preaching, sense of justice and care of the sick. He was formally venerated by the Catholic Church in 1622 and in 1927 he was named patron of all missions.

“Justice is truth in action”

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