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Curriculum Overview

The secondary timetable operates on a 6 period day across a 30 period, 5 day (week) cycle.

As well as studying the five core subjects for a significant part of the week, students will experience a range of other secondary school subjects for shorter periods of time. Students have the opportunity to experience a range of subjects that they may not have come across before, laying the foundations should they wish to continue in these areas when elective choices become available from Year 8 onwards.

Students should be aware from as early as Year 7 that, as they progress throughout their secondary schooling, opportunities arise for students to choose the subjects and courses studied, especially in Years 11 and 12. It should be noted that when these choices become available, students must meet the required prerequisites in order to choose the subject/course. It is therefore essential that students always do their best and begin to develop an efficient consistent work ethic from Year 7.

  • Students in Year 10 will make their subject selections during the Course Counselling process, while students in Year 11 automatically continue along their subject pathway.

Year 7

Year 10

Co Curricular


Year 8

Year 11

Subject Pathways

Year 9

Year 12

WACE Requirements