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Surf Science

The Year 10 course builds on the experiences of the Year 9 Surf Science Course.

Surf Science

Year 10

Surf Coaching:

Weekly coaching lessons aim to consolidate the skills learnt in Year 9 and allow students to further develop their surfing technique. In addition, students are encouraged to continue their surfing through Inter-house and Inter-school events. Students will also be exposed to Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) to supplement their surf skills. As a culmination to the course, a surf camp is conducted at the end of the year.

Fitness Sessions:

Emphasis on the strength, endurance, flexibility and agility required to improve surfing performance. Cross training and video analysis, including the use of “Streetboardz”, integrating the latest coaching techniques from Surfing Australia. In addition, extension physical activities are included to develop all facets of fitness and foster enjoyment of lifelong participation in physical activity.

Theory lessons:

Focus on further developing a student’s knowledge of surfing through modules covering coastal engineering and management, ecological issues, fitness training and media, including making a surf movie and setting up community initiatives.

Additional Course Fee: This subject attracts a fee of $520 and is in addition to 2025 Family Fees.

Course Length:  Four periods per week plus one surf coaching session per week before school before school on Thursdays starting at 6.00am at the College.

Prerequisite: It is desirable that students have completed the Year 9 Surf Science Course however this is no longer a requirement. All new students must be able to competently swim 200m in open water – a swim test will be undertaken in the first surfing session for any new students joining the course. New students must also complete the Surf Science New Student Form available from the Sportal on Seqta  and return this to the PE office.

Surf Science in Year 10 is recognised as a SCSA Endorsed Program, which can contribute to WACE requirements if completed successfully (5 points).