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Mission & Identity

Mission and Identity is at the core of Prendiville Catholic College

A faith based community

As a faith based community, we seek to ensure that Christian values are reflected in attitudes policy and practice.

The Eucharistic celebrations, retreat programs, service learning opportunities and House events our community continues to be guided by a rich tradition of Catholic faith which sit at the heart of what we do at Prendiville Catholic College.

Events and projects that the College participates in include:

  • Celebrations (including Harmony Day and Reconciliation Week)
  • Charity (including Vinnies Winter Sleep Out, LifeLink, Salvation Army).
  • Community Masses and Liturgies
  • Easter Celebrations and Stations Of The Cross
  • Retreat Programs (Years 7 – 12)
  • Kalgoorlie Immersion Program
  • Yirri Yaarkin Program
  • Community Engagement with local Parish
  • Service Learning Opportunities

Our College maintains a focus on its mission as underpinned by the Bishops of Western Australia’s mandate, by providing the best possible Religious Education Teaching, meaningful and engaging Liturgies, a thriving Christian Service Learning program which provides opportunity to show faith in action and a retreat program that is age and year appropriate for students.