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Advanced Physical Education

Advanced Physical Education

Year 10

Advanced Physical Education will appeal to students with varying physical activity knowledge and skill levels. The course has a combination of theory (60%) and practical (40%) components. Students will analyse the performance of themselves and others, apply theoretical principles and plan programs to enhance performance. Physical activity and sport are used to develop skills and performance, along with an understanding of physiological, anatomical, psychological, biomechanical and skills learning applications.

This four-period course is strongly recommended for students who intend to study the Year 11 Physical Education Studies General or ATAR course as it prepares students for a variety of post-school pathways. It will equip students with knowledge of possible employment or tertiary studies in the sport, leisure and recreation industries, education, sport development, youth work and health and medical fields linked to physical activity and sport. The course also equips students to take on volunteer and leadership roles in community activities. In the course, students will have the opportunity to learn more about Sport Science at ECU and in addition, liaise with Sport Scientists who currently work with elite athletes.

This course is 60% Theory and 40% Practical (Touch Football, Table Tennis, Soccer and Mixed Martial Arts).

  • Developing physical skills and tactics
  • Motor Learning and coaching
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Biomechanics
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Sport psychology

Prerequisite:  Minimum achievement of a “B” Grade in Year 9 Physical Education.

Additional Information:  This course is highly recommended if you want to do Year 11 Physical Education Studies General or ATAR.  A number of General, VET and ATAR curriculum opportunities extend beyond Year 10 (see Year 11 & 12 curriculum outlines)