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Jewellery, Glassworking & 3D Design

Jewellery, Glassworking & 3D Design

Year 10

If you’ve always wanted to work with a range of materials including glass, precious metals and ceramics to design and create original jewellery, fused glass artworks and three-dimensional objects then this is the course for you.

Students will develop a unique skill set working with handmade glass, learning fusing, slumping and casting processes. They will also work with base and precious metals to construct objects from their own original designs using cutting, forming, casting, soldering, engraving and polishing processes with professional equipment in a custom-built studio. Students are taught to work safely and sustainably in a studio environment.

Examples of projects undertaken by the students may include:

  • Silver chain bracelets
  • Rings
  • Bangles
  • Metal casting
  • Fusing, slumping and casting glass bowls and plates
  • Creating 3 Dimensional sculptures using glass, metal and ceramic components

Pathway: This course leads to Design – Dimensional Design (General) in Year 11.

Prerequisite: Nil