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Year 10

The Year 10 Mathematics program is based on the content in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. Students will be assigned to one of four courses dependent upon their Year 9 result.

The Advanced course concentrates on the development of strong algebraic concepts with the introduction of irrational numbers and the unit circle, providing the necessary skills and knowledge for a student to study Mathematics Specialist (ATAR) and the Mathematics Methods (ATAR) courses in Year 11.

The Intermediate A (Semester 1) / Pre-ATAR (Semester 2) course covers the Australian Curriculum in depth and is designed to be a pathway to Mathematics Applications (ATAR). The course will also provide the necessary background to prepare those students with a high level of achievement, and who have met the necessary pre-requisites, to undertake Mathematics Methods (ATAR).

The Intermediate B (Semester 1) / Pre-General (Semester 2) course covers the broader fundamental concepts of the Australian Curriculum and is written to prepare students for Mathematics Essentials on a General pathway. Upon meeting the pre-requisites, students who achieve at a high level in the Pre-General course, will be eligible to student Mathematics Applications (ATAR) on the ATAR pathway.

The Modified course is designed specifically with the focus that students can learn essential and different real-world Mathematical skills involving Maths in the Workplace; Financial Maths; Maths at Home; Maths in Sport, Health and Exercise; and Maths in the World, exploring time zones and converting currencies. This would encompass a series of individual and collaborative projects. The course also affords reasonable time and space to help students pass OLNA using online numeracy practices.

Subject selections for Year 10 students, for their Year 11 education, starts early after the Year 10 Semester 1 examinations. Students will then be given the opportunity to request the course that they would like to study based on their future pathways.

In Semester 2, students in the Intermediate A and B courses are placed into either Pre-ATAR  or  Pre-General to best prepare themselves for the rigor and workload requirements of their chosen pathways. The Pre-ATAR course prepares for both Mathematics Applications (ATAR) and Mathematics Methods (ATAR) based on the pre-requisites stipulated in the subject pathways flowchart found in the ‘Curriculum’ section of the college website.

The Modified course provides students with relevant preparation for everyday life situations where mathematics skills and abilities are required. It is also intended for those students who wish to student Mathematics Essentials (General) course in Year 11.