Year 10

The Year 10 Drama course is a rigorous and challenging course that builds on the skills and techniques taught in Year 9 Drama and offers a springboard for preparing students for ATAR Drama course in Year 11 and 12.

This course extends the voice and movement techniques studied in Year 9 Drama and through the use of improvisation and analysis students are given the opportunity to explore existing play scripts as well as devise their own performances. Students will also extend their knowledge of theatre history, drama practitioners and stagecraft.

Performance assessments may include participation in a short play, the creation of original and improvised material, and both individual and group performances. This course also covers a number of theoretical components including script analysis, extended answer skills and other written tasks.

Students will have the opportunity to perform some of their work for their friends and family at an evening performance in the Performing Arts Centre in Term 4.

Prerequisites: The study of Year 9 Drama is an advantage but not essential.

This course leads to:  Year 11 ATAR Drama.