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Year 10

This practical course has a strong focus on personal experience with media. Students will learn to manipulate time via media codes; learn personal photography tips and tricks and utilise them in outside and portraiture photography; work with basic manual SLR settings; record and edit sound; respond to film viewings; create a suspense film and work with audio visual special effects.

Students begin to understand the processes used in the production of animation, video editing and sound production. Students will learn both 2D and 3D animation using a variety of software. Students will create simple advertisements, e-cards, user interface designs and cartoon shorts as well as special effects seen in live-action films and games. They will capture and edit video and sound to create music, audio and/or video productions and edit these for high-quality production.

This course leads to: Year 11 Design Graphics (General) or Year 11 Media Production and Analysis (ATAR or General)