Vision, Purpose & Values

We recognise that each child is unique and we are committed to nurturing the personal excellence of each and every learner, regardless of their learning ability.

Our Motto

Christus Pastor Meus – Christ is my Shepherd

The College motto, Christis Pastor Meus, which means Christ is My Shepherd, reflects a strong emphasis on pastoral care. A flock stays together and happily moves as one leaving no-one out.

We instil that each student can:
Serve with pride,
Lead with confidence,
Inspire others positively.

Our College catch-cry is: I am Prendiville. You are Prendiville and together, we are Prendiville forever.

Our Vision

Students Reaching their Greatest Potential

We recognise that each child is unique and we are committed to nurturing the personal excellence of each and every learner, regardless of their learning ability. The College always maintains a focus on providing the best support for the intellectual development of every learner so each has the best possible chance to excel personally.

Therefore, our vision is to help our students reach their greatest potential.

We value diversity and the challenge to meet every child where they are at in their spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual development. We take a holistic approach to the development of our students, combining excellence in teaching and learning with strong pastoral care in a learning environment that is faithful to a Catholic heritage. We foster in our young people the desire to know more, see more and be more, in line with our Catholic values.

Our College provides opportunities for students to learn and grow in a variety of settings so that they may become active and productive participants in society. We wish for our students to live faith-filled and Christ-centred lives with compassion for others and a sense of social justice based on real-world learning. We nurture our students to show mercy to others, promote justice and serve those in need as a demonstration of their Christian faith. Our contemporary Catholic environment is one that recognises the signs of the times.

Our students are encouraged to seek Christ in their personal and communal lives, to deepen their knowledge of the Catholic tradition, to grow in their faith and to seek opportunities to put their faith into action.

Our Purpose

Prendiville Catholic College is a contemporary Catholic secondary, co-educational College which provides a challenging education in an attractive environment. We will foster in young people the desire to know more, see more and be more. Ours will be an education that seeks Christ in our personal and communal lives.

Our purpose or mission is met by providing a curriculum that is driven by contemporary pedagogy delivered in a 21st century learning environment that creates lifelong, independent learners with the ability to think critically.

We offer a curriculum which:


  • Meets individual needs and is inclusive of a variety of learning styles;
  • Maximises the benefits of modern technology and learning spaces;
  • Empowers students to become independent learners;
  • Encourages students who show initiative and ingenuity;
  • Inspires students to strive to do their best and take pride in their achievements;
  • Integrates Catholic teaching and Christian values with the experiences of life;
  • Contains a balance of values, knowledge and skills;
  • Addresses justice and equity issues in our curriculum;
  • Takes full advantage of our coastal location and connectivity to the wider community.

Our Values

We encourage all members of the College community to uphold the following values:


  • Taking pride in oneself, pride in the College and pride in the achievements of others;
  • Living with integrity;
  • Displaying a sense of justice and service towards others;
  • Showing respect, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion for others;
  • Aspiring to personal excellence;
  • Contributing to the College community;
  • Respecting the strength of diversity of gender, physical or mental ability, culture and background.
In 2015, the College introduced Spirit of Prendiville medallions and the Redmond Prendiville Award. These awards recognise Year 12 students who:


  • Display pride in being a student of the College (serve);
  • Display outstanding integrity, service and dependability (lead);
  • Enrich the lives of others and
  • Are a positive influence on our College community (inspire).