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Prendiville Specialised Music

The Music Department at Prendiville is a unique, vibrant and exciting area.

Prendiville Specialised Music

Year 10

The Music Department at Prendiville is a unique, vibrant and exciting area. We are proud to offer one of the only specialised music programs in the northern suburbs – the Prendiville Specialised Music (PSM) course. The PSM course is designed for those students currently learning a musical instrument or voice either within or outside of the College, who are highly skilled and/or have a strong interest in or passion for the subject.

The Year 10 PSM course covers the study of Western Art Music with units in composition, music history, concert and performance practice, aural perception and theory. It is structured to allow students the opportunity to extend their skills as a musician and performer, whilst providing them with extra studies in aural training, theory analysis and composition. Learning will continue through extended curricular activities, instrumental / vocal tuition, and involvement in Prendiville’s ensemble program.

In this course, students are provided with the opportunity to participate in a number of performance events throughout the year that link with the curricular content of each course. Students may select the performance context on their principal study instrument (including voice) from the following genres: Western Art, Contemporary, Jazz or Musical Theatre.

Prerequisite: Year 9 Prendiville Specialised Music (PSM) C grade or higher, AMEB Performance Grade 3 or above.

Special exemptions apply to new students to Prendiville and individual cases, at the discretion of the Head of Performing Arts. Please speak to Mr Hislop for further information.

Pathway: This course leads to Year 11 ATAR Music or Year 11 General Music.