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Food Specialisation

Food Specialisation

Year 10

Food Specialisation is divided into 3 main topics:

1.Food Science

Masterclasses in techniques, ingredients and presentation and decorating of food.

Preparation of different meat dishes, dinner party menus and desserts. Covering all wet and dry cooking techniques. This includes a range of dishes from the humble steak sandwich to a high- end dessert soufflé. This part of the course also allows to students to design and make their own choice of recipes. The practical component of this course is based on experiencing the variety of foods found in different cuisines (including Thai, Indonesian, Japanese and Indian) whilst investigating cultural traditions, influences on food and the development of cultural foods.

2.Food Preservation

Practical and written tasks allow students to use the principles of cookery to design their own recipes and create wonderful products. Practical skills will be developed by using cooking methods, pastry work, cake decorating preparation in a variety of restaurants and café contexts.

Safety Requirements:  Students will need to work safely when using all kitchen equipment.

Additional Course Fee: This covers the cost of 2 student workbooks & food.

This course leads to:  Certificate II in Hospitality / Food Science Technology