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Year 10

Students explore the Italian language and culture from a personal perspective, enabling them to share information related to personal identity, aspects of everyday life, and popular culture. They begin to develop an understanding of what it is to be Italian and Italian-speaking, and compare their own lives to those of others in Italian-speaking communities.

Students study such topics as:

  • Housing and cities in Italy
  • Family life, routines and chores
  • Friends and pastimes
  • The Italian Renaissance and famous figures such as da Vinci, Galileo and Dante.
  • Italian cinema
  • Italian cuisine

There is a greater focus and emphasis on improving students’ speaking skills in Year 10.

Exchange Programme

Students in Year 10 (and Year 11) have the opportunity of participating in the WAATI/Intercultura Exchange Programme. Typically this involves hosting an Italian student for 8 weeks (July and August), followed by an 8-week stay in Italy (December and January) where students are fully immersed in the language and experience the life of an Italian teenager.

It is important to note that UWA, Curtin University and Edith Cowan University all now award a 10% bonus to any student who sits the WACE exam in a language in Year 12.

Prerequisite:  C grade in Year 9 Italian

Course Length:  4 periods per week for one year

Pathway:  Year 11 Italian Second Language ATAR course

Additional Course Fee

This course/subject attracts a fee of $75 and is in addition to 2025 Family Fees. The fee will be invoiced on your Family fee account.