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Year 9 students will continue to be provided with the opportunity to work in the College Kepler Science Discovery Centre laboratories and become familiar with the skills, knowledge and understanding relevant to the study of Science.


Year 9

The students will work collaboratively in a practical environment to solve problems and make discoveries.

Students in Year 9 will be streamed into either Extension, Mainstream or Science Focus based on their Science results from Year 8 and other aspects of their learning.

The course content follows closely the guidelines in the Western Australian Curriculum document.  In this curriculum Science has three interrelated strands Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills which are integrated into all sections of our course.

The course places an emphasis on the use of information technology as students will use various online resources on their devices and will need to go online to complete some homework and some of their assignment tasks using one note in teams. The online resource Education Perfect is used to compliment the science textbook.

Term 3 is our annual Project night where students may display their individual projects to both parents and students.

Students will then proceed to study all sub-stands of the Science Understanding Strand. These are Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth and Space Sciences at the Year 9 Level. The course follows closely the content of the student text and e-learning resources which is based on the Western Australian Curriculum.