There are two different units of Visual Art offered in Year 9, ‘Project Art’ and ‘Studio Art’.


Year 9

Studio Art

Studio Art is a fun course that will give you the skills to design and create a range of different artworks using a variety of mediums. Students receive more creative freedom in Year 9 and will spend most of their time working on four major artworks over the course of the year.

Artistic ability is fostered and developed throughout the course. Thus, students should not feel that they have to be confident in an area (i.e., being a good drawer) before they can select Art as an option.

Prerequisites: Nil

Year 9 Studio Art leads to Visual Art in Year 10. 

Project Art

The course is modelled on the Year 10 Visual Art programme. Students will spend most of their time creating three major artworks over the course of the year. Project Art differs from Studio Art in that, the second semester of the course provides students with the creative freedom to work on a personal project using any mediums or materials that they choose. Their “project” could incorporate painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, video, textiles, animation, photography, printmaking, glass, or any combination of these.

Guest speakers, artists and Art teachers work as a team to coach and mentor students through the practical aspects of the course. Students don’t need to be overly proficient in any one area when they enter the course, as they will develop skills along the way.

Prerequisites: Nil

Year 9 Project Art leads to Visual Art in Year 10.