Outdoor Education

Through interaction with the natural world, outdoor education aims to develop an understanding of our relationships with the environment, others and ourselves. The emphasis for learning is placed on relationships concerning humans and natural resources. – (Priest & Gass 2005)

Outdoor Education

Year 9

The Year 9 program invites students to the following:

  • Physically challenge themselves over a 4 day, 3 night fully self-sufficient expedition. Covering up to 50km trekking, including a full day of abseiling and rock-climbing the Wellington Quarry.
  • Develop a respect for the human-nature relationship we all share with our connection with the land. Focusing on conservation and Indigenous cultures and practices of the world.
  • Build fires from scratch then learning to cook traditional Indigenous meals.
  • Up-skilling in their roping techniques, knowledge and practices. Activities within the roping program include: prussiccing, indoor rock-climbing and slack- lining.
  • Snorkeling the beautiful turquoise coast.
  • Learn the basics of Mountain biking.

Course Requirements:

  • Students will need to complete a swim competency test consisting of 200m continuous swim with NO assistance (no floatation aids, kickboards, fins/flippers or wetsuits etc), 4 minutes treading water and a 7m under water swim.
  • A genuine interest in outdoor activities and the environment.
  • Prendiville ODE Rashie, available from the Uniform Shop.
  • School Tracksuit Pants (compulsory for all roping modules).

Additional Course Fee

Approximately $450 payable in full by the 1st of March 2022. Please note the cost is subject to change and includes all excursions as well as the end of year camp.