Prendiville Specialised Music

The Music Department at Prendiville is a unique, vibrant and exciting area. We are proud to offer one of the only specialised music programmes in the northern suburbs – the Prendiville Specialised Music (PSM) course.

Prendiville Specialised Music

Year 9

The PSM course is a prestigious program designed for those students currently learning a musical instrument or voice either within or outside of the College, who are highly skilled and/or who have a strong interest in or passion for the subject.

The Year 9 PSM course covers the study of various contexts, with units in composition, music history, concert performance practice, aural perception and ensemble skills. It is structured as a 4-period course to allow students the opportunity to extend their skills in two ways – three units per week on skill-based learning and one unit per week on performance and ensemble-based learning. Learning will also continue through extended co-curricular activities, instrumental or vocal tuition, and involvement in small and large ensembles.

Important Note: Students currently enrolled in the Year 8 PSM course are expected to continue with this stream in Year 9.

Prerequisite: Year 8 Prendiville Specialised Music (PSM) C grade or higher or working at AMEB Performance Grade 2 or above.

Pathway: This course leads to Year 10 Prendiville Specialised Music (PSM)