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Year 9

The study of Italian in Year 9 aims to extend the basic communication skills previously acquired and give students a deeper understanding of the Italian language and the culture.

Lessons therefore include a balance of oral, aural and written activities, designed to promote both understanding and use of the target language. Students also have the opportunity to participate in excursions and other cultural activities, which enable them to utilise the target language and to develop an understanding of the culture.

Students study topics such as:

  • Hobbies / pastimes and going out
  • Countries, languages and nationalities
  • Fashion and going shopping
  • The weather
  • Travel
  • Food and eating out in Italy

Cultural Excursion:  Year 9 students participate in an all-day excursion during National Language Week (Term 3) to an Italian Sporting and Cultural Club – La Laguna Veneto Club in Dianella

Prerequisite:  Minimum of C grade in Year 8 Italian

Course Length:  4 periods per week for one year (the equivalent of 2 elective choices)

Pathway:  Year 10 Italian then Year 11 ATAR Course.

For future consideration: Students continuing a language to Year 10 and beyond can participate in the College Tour of Italy or in the WAATI / Intercultura Student Exchange Programme at the end of Year 10 and/or Year 11.

Additional Course Fee

This course/subject attracts a fee of $55 and is in addition to 2025 Family Fees. The fee will be invoiced on your Family fee account.