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Through an emphasis on practical activities, this course explores the roles and responsibilities involved in helping to satisfy the needs of children and provide the opportunity to engage in experiences with children at a variety of development stages.


Year 9

Students are guided to create baby items suitable for the nursery and to design and make appropriate and nutritious meals for mothers and toddlers. As many students partake in babysitting activities, this aspect is incorporated into the course.

Course Requirements

  • Students will need to purchase appropriate craft or sewing supplies to make items for this course eg fabric. Generally 4-5 items are made over the year.
  • Students will be given 4 design tasks and written tests over the year.

Safety Requirements:  Students will need to work safely when using sewing machines, irons, scissors and kitchen equipment.

Pathway:  This subject leads to Yr 10 Childcare and Yr 11 & Yr 12 Children, Family and the Community – General or ATAR