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The Pioneers of Prendiville

By November 26, 2020News

The Class of 1990

In early 1986, the class of 1990 entered the space we now know as Prendiville Catholic College for the first time. It was, in fact, the first time any students walked the newly paved paths of the wind-blown address of 11 Prendiville Drive OCEAN REEF. Their first day of school was postponed a week due to some essentials of the 5 new buildings needing last minute completion.

And so it was that classes commenced in the second week of February. Most rooms were doorless, sand accumulated in every corner of each classroom and most alarming of all, students were warned to be very wary of snakes as they made their way between classes. The class of 1990 were truly pioneers.

Last Saturday Nov. 14th, thirty-two of those pioneers wandered back to Prendiville, at our invitation, to celebrate 30 Years since graduation. Our first graduates. Festivities began in the new Alumni corner of the library then spread to our Gateway Gallery. Original Head Girl and Head Boy Megan Wintle-Woodall and Neil Norris spoke in heartfelt terms about life as student pioneers. A highlight of the eve was the re-enactment of the cutting of the replica graduation cake (thanks to Kirstin Hamera) in the Alumni space.

The night was a wonderful success. Principal Mark Antulov presented each with a special Prendivillian’s badge, matching the 2020 graduates’ momento. Mark thanked the class of 1990 for paving the way for our college, a college boasting facilities they could only have dreamed of 34 years ago. Staff of the time, Fulvia Valvasori, Brian and Rita Buzzard and Gerry Gianassi (all 1988 inductees) were also on hand to assist with festivities. Head of finance Terry Raphael also mingled, listening in fascination to the stories of schooling at Prendiville in 1986.