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It has been a tradition in the PCC Language Dept for more than 20 years to hold a year 12 full immersion Italian camp. This year the PCC students joined with 3 CBC Fremantle students to spend two nights at Lake Leschenaultia in Chidlow, immersing themselves in the Italian language and culture. On the first afternoon, after a quick “get-to-know-you” session, students were given the task of making their own Italian meal. While one group rolled up their sleeves to make hand-made pasta, the other groups prepared the sugo (sauce), the polpette (meatballs) and the macedonia (fruit salad). By the time it all came together, it was a very late dinner but well worth the wait, in fact it was “squisito”!

Over the course of the next day and a half, students who were permitted to speak only Italian, participated in a series of activities to improve their Italian speaking skills. These included a quiz night, a movie night, conversation practice (speed dating style), a treasure hunt, as well as completing 2 assessments and a grammar lesson.

Thanks to the beautiful weather, we also managed to squeeze in a walk around the lake and a bonfire on Friday night.

Our thanks go to Prof Amato for taking on the organisation of camp this year and making it a huge success.