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Getting to know your Alumni

By May 6, 2021News

MEGAN WOODALL – CLASS OF 1990 | Inaugural Head Girl

Whilst helping us with a photoshoot for a feature in our local newspaper, we sat down with Megan to find out a little about what she’s been up to since graduating from our College and what her experience was like during her time here.

When did you attend Prendiville Catholic College?
I studied at Prendiville from Year 8 to Year 12 (1986-1990).

What were your interests/specialist subjects at school?
I developed a love for English, Music and Religion during my high school years. We had some amazing specialist teachers who fostered a real love for their learning areas. I also enjoyed opportunities to learn new skills such as woodwork, tech drawing, cooking and sewing.

What is your current profession?
I have been a teacher in Catholic education for more than 20 years. I am currently studying a Masters in Education and working at a Catholic Primary School. I also write and perform faith based music as part of the duo, The Teachers.

Describe your experience at Prendiville Catholic College
We enjoyed a unique opportunity to be pioneers as the first cohort through the College. I have many fond memories of the early years; being taught by some amazing and dedicated teachers and making some great friends along the way. It was a small community in those days. Everyone knew everyone and we were well supported. The College physically grew with us over those years. We were involved in all aspects of the College’s development including gardening and building in the early years.

How has Prendiville Catholic College influenced you and made you the person that you are?
I developed my love of writing, music and faith while learning at the College. We had many unique opportunities while at the College to develop ourselves as people. As part of the Student Leadership Council I was given opportunities to organise, lead and public speak which helped me to grow as a person.

What were your most memorable moments at Prendiville Catholic College?
Social events which fostered a strong sense of community such as picnic days, school discos and camps.