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Easter Raffle 2019

By March 26, 2019December 16th, 2019News

Prendibill the Easter Bilby, was created by the students of the Endeavour Centre in a creative workshop

This year, the Parents and Friends Association with the support from the Endeavour Centre is again organising an Easter Raffle for the College Community. The P&F’s main goal is to build community with a focus on inclusiveness.

Last year the P&F joined up with the Endeavour Centre Students and staff (previously the Education Support Unit) to see how we could integrate the Easter Raffle planning and development process into the Endeavour Centre student curriculum. In doing this the students had the opportunity to gain business experience and to see a project through to completion.

To make the raffle a success we are asking for donations of Easter Eggs, chocolates, baskets and other Easter related items to give away as prizes. Please can any donations be left at the student finance office before Monday the 8th April.

You should received an envelope with 5 raffle tickets. If you would like to purchase all or some of the raffle tickets please can you enclose the cash amount in the envelope provided and return it to the finance office also by Monday 8th April.

Thank you in advance for your participation and donation!

Prendiville Catholic College P&F Association and Endeavour Centre