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PESTA Awards

By March 1, 2019December 16th, 2019News

Prendiville Catholic College was awarded in today’s Physical Education Studies Teachers’ Association (PESTA) Awards Presentation for top achieving students, teachers and top performing schools in Physical Education Studies (Year 12 ATAR 2018).

The awards were presented by Assoc. Prof Peter Whipp at All Saints College this morning.

Thomas O’Donnell (Class of 2018) received an Excellence Award for being one of the top students in Physical Education Studies (Year 12 ATAR).

Prendiville’s Head of Physical Education Marius Ndiaye received an Excellence Award for teaching one of the top students in Physical Education Studies (Year 12 ATAR).

Marius NdiayeBoston Williamson (Physical Education Teacher) and Ryan Lockyer (Physical Education Teacher) received the School Excellence Award on behalf of Prendiville Catholic College. This acknowledges the teachers and the students who achieved an excellent ranking in Physical Education Studies (Year 12 ATAR).

At Prendiville, the study of the Physical Education Studies ATAR course contributes to the development of the whole person. It promotes the physical, social and emotional growth of students. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on understanding and improving performance in physical activities.