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Interview with Matt Priddis

By March 2, 2019December 16th, 2019News


The official naming ceremony of the Priddis Oval will take place this Friday, 6.30pm at the Prendiville Catholic College Prendi Summer Fest. For more details of this event, visit the EVENT PAGE to get your tickets.

Matt Priddis will be present at Prendi Summer Fest. See below for Prendivilles interview with the former AFL Footballer.



What you are most proud of?

I am proud that I have lived life simply – always making the best of myself.

I always want to feel that no matter what the outcome is that I have done everything I can possibly do to reach my goal. My parents instilled this in me – that fulfilment in life is not about being the best but doing the best you can.

Being drafted to the West Coast Eagles was something I was very proud of, but I was more proud of how I dealt with adversity after missing out on the draft four times. I was determined not to give up, to keep having a go and try to get better. It is all about the mindset and I am trying to instil this in my children as well. Don’t give up, have fun and do your best. There is no point in overcomplicating it.

The next generation face a lot more pressures with social media and peer pressure. It is so important that we help our children to find out who they are away from these pressures and learn what they want to achieve. I learnt very early to trust the opinions of those closest to me and remove the ‘noise’ so that I could concentrate on what I am most passionate about.

What was the highlight of your career?

My highlight was probably surviving 12 years in the AFL system. I love that AFL is the ultimate team game and I loved when the team came from behind. West Coast won the wooden spoon in 2010 and the very next year we reached the Preliminary Final. I am very proud of 2011 when our whole team put things in place to turn things around and kept a strong belief in our ability to grow.

Of course I am proud of our Premiership and the individual recognition with the Sandover and Brownlow medals as well!

What was your favourite memory from Prendiville Catholic College?

I started Prendiville in 1998 and that was the year that the Gym was built which I thought was awesome. But my most important memories are of the friendships I made and the nice community feel that is Prendiville. It is a College that sometimes goes under the radar of the high profile schools but it is something special.

I didn’t play much school footy but I got involved in every sport. I did Cross-Country and played Basketball. Our Year 9 basketball team took out the State title and we won the 2000 Quit Smoking Football Cup. I also won the ACC Cross Country in 1999 which was pretty cool. I just love competing – learning how to win and deal with loss, nerves and external pressures. There were so many opportunities for interschool competition both at a team and individual level and we learnt a lot of qualities that help with life not just school.  

Who was your favourite teacher?

My favourite teacher was Mrs Butler. She was my homeroom teacher from Year 9 onwards and she was also my English teacher. She was an absolute ripper – such an easy going and good person. I really liked Mrs Tyson and Mr Platts who were my sports teachers.

I really enjoyed RE because there were lots of debates and we were encouraged to voice our opinions. I didn’t go to A Catholic primary school and I found the Catholic education really helped my personal development. I loved the discussions and reflecting on my values. Prendiville made me think about what I stand for as a person and the choices I make. The two most important values I have taken with me are RESPECT – to treat people as you want to be treated, and HUMILITY – to always be humble.

What is your favourite food?

Anything Italian especially pasta.

What is your favourite hobby outside of football?

I love the beach and surf but mostly I just love time with my family and my babies.

*Images on this page, courtesy of West Coast Eagles.