Years 11 & 12

The Mathematics Preliminary course recognises some students have significant limitations in basic mathematical understanding and application. In the Preliminary Mathematics course, the main emphasis is on developing a student’s understanding of the basic mathematics concepts that they need in order to make sense of, and to be able to function as independently as possible within their home, community and work environments.


The English Preliminary course recognises that language plays a central role in human life: it provides a vehicle for communication and independence. In this course, students study language through the use of receptive and expressive communication. The course recognises the diversity of the student population and builds on their knowledge of how language works, relevant to their needs, skills and interests.

The Business Management and Enterprise Preliminary course provides students with the opportunity to understand how business impacts on many aspects of people’s lives. The course encourages students to identify possibilities and opportunities for creating products and services. It also provides students with the opportunity to make business decisions that are in line with their own values and the values of society.

The Religion and Life Preliminary course provides students with opportunities to learn about one or more religions. They recognise features of religion and the role religion plays in human affairs. Through the course, students learn and apply skills that enable them to learn about religion and the role it plays in society and in the lives of people.


In the Food Science and Technology Preliminary course, students develop their interests and skills through the production of food-related tasks and consider various reasons for eating food; experience a variety of new foods; and explore the diversity of food available at local markets to guide meal planning for individuals, families and special occasions.


Work placement and work experience is an integral part of the program where students start in Year 10 (Semester 2) and then for the whole year in years 11 & 12. The program gives students the ability to see first-hand what happens in a typical day on the job as well as getting a realistic idea of what chosen field they would like to work in. Students also develop a range of skills such as communication in the workplace, problem solving, time management, teamwork skills and using his/her initiative on the job.


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