Welcome Home Italian Exchange Students!

By February 13, 2020 October 12th, 2020 News

As we all celebrated Australia Day this year, 5 year 12 students landed in Perth from their 8 week exchange experience in Italy. The students spent 2 months in different parts of the country, living with an Italian family, attending high school (Italians only have a 2 week break over Christmas) and immersing themselves in the Italian language and culture. From all reports back from Italy, they were a credit to their families, school and country. As can be seen below, all of them had “the time of their lives”.


I’ve wanted to go on exchange for 8 years and my dreams finally came true! It was an opportunity of a lifetime and better than I could’ve imagined. I was very lucky to have a family who were so welcoming and kind, and I was so fortunate to see different parts of Italy and Europe as well! I met other exchange students from all across the world and have made new friendships that will last forever.


My exchange experience is unforgettable and I am so thankful to all those who were able to make this experience possible. I was able to meet new people and make new friends, understand a different culture, and even learn a new language. And, of course, the food is always incredible in Italy. In these past two months I have made many memories that I will treasure for ever.


Although I was apprehensive about spending two months away from home, my host family and new school made me feel very welcome. I cannot recommend this exchange enough as it was an amazing experience immersing myself in a new culture and improving my Italian language skills.


This truly was a once in a lifetime experience and I formed so many memories I will treasure for the rest of my life. I experienced a new culture and way of life, tried new things and improved my Italian but most importantly I met so many amazing people and made incredible memories.


During the Christmas holidays I lived in a city in the south of Italy called Lecce and became a part of another family. This amazing experience allowed me to visit so many beautiful places, learn about another culture and meet some of the most amazing people.