Students shine at St Mary’s Cathedral

By July 29, 2021 News

Nine music students played in the orchestra and sang in the choir for a Sunday service in the city last weekend. Below is an article  written by Imogen Henkel (Year 10):

“The Saint Mary’s Orchestral Mass was a wonderful experience, and being able to participate in such an event was an amazing opportunity in itself. Surrounded by likeminded musicians of all different ages from all different schools across the state, we were able to produce beautiful music in a beautiful setting.

The pieces played all flowed together perfectly as we all played the music provided to the best of our ability. Being able to be around people from all over Western Australia who all share a passion for music was an incredible experience, and if given the opportunity, I would highly recommend it.”

The Catholic Performing Arts Festival began this week. Prendiville music students are involved in many of the performances in the coming months. Stay tuned!