Keller Technology Hub

By August 20, 2020 News

Prendiville Catholic College is proud to present its impressive Keller Technology Hub. Beginning renovations late 2019, the upgrade continued through Term 1 2020 with a challenge to keep the future of our students at the forefront of College plans. This was despite a COVID-19 crisis that was forcing the world into uncertain times. As the world relies on technology more than we have seen it before, the Keller Technology Hub is both important and timely. The building was able to open its doors to our students and be utilised this term.

Six classrooms consisting of three computer labs and three different learning areas surround a central maker space, a modern enclosure and project area inclusive of 3D printers and electronics.

The area was redesigned to provide a versatile learning space for many departments including Creative Arts (Media), TIDE (Technical Innovation Design and Enterprise) and Digital Technology.

Keller Technology Hub hosts some of more exciting subject areas of the future inclusive of design technical graphics, electronics and robotics. The centre will open new opportunities for students with an interest in Digital and Information Technologies and will extend the College’s capacity to offer courses in coding, data analytics and cybersecurity.