Keeping Kids in School Program

By March 29, 2021 March 30th, 2021 News

Managing Attendance Concerns through a Whole School and Community Approach

In 2013 a report conducted by the University of Western Australia entitled “Student Attendance and Educational Outcomes: Everyday Counts” (Hancock et al, 2013) made the following significant findings:

  1. Academic achievement declined with any absence from school and continues to decline as absence rates increase.
  2. Absence from school was associated not only with academic achievement in the current year, but in future years as well.

At Prendiville, student attendance is reviewed twice a term. When attendance rate falls well below our 90% goal and is unexplained, a process is put in place to engage students and families in conversation about the importance of being present at school.

Prendiville College also supports the WA Police initiative KEEPING KIDS IN SCHOOL (KKIS) Program.

The ‘Keeping Kids in School’ program is a coordinated approach to increase student attendance and reduce truancy involving the entire community working together to address the issue. This strategy is coupled with a proactive stance by schools. Student attendance issues are locally managed using various strategies. Currambine Central Shopping Centre will be supporting the KKIS program as from Monday 19 April 2021 (first day of Term Two). Students without a leave pass from school will not be served between 8:30am – 3:25pm.

The programme is a community effort with commitment from the:

  • Department of Education
  • WA Police
  • and local businesses

What is the aim of the ‘Keeping Kids in School’ program?

Through the program we plan to improve student attendance and promote socially responsible behaviour in the community.

The Keeping kids in school program is based on the mutual obligation of schools, parents and the community to ensure kids attend school every day. Poor student attendance cannot be addressed by schools alone.

What is the role of the shop owner in the ‘Keeping Kids in School program’?

All participating businesses will be provided with Keeping Kids in School signage and advertising. Any young person without a leave pass provided by the College, can be refused service.

Shop owners and businesses supporting the program, will be asked to display the ‘Keeping Kids in School’ poster in the shop front. In the event that they encounter compulsory aged students in the shop or the centre, centre management will either notify the school direct or contact the police.

It is successfully being run in other shopping centres within the district and being supported by the surrounding schools.

Any questions please feel free to email Sergeant Tanya Beverly at Joondalup Police Station directly.