Getting to know your Alumni

By September 15, 2021 News

Jacqui (nee Dowling) and Anthony McNamara – CLASS OF 1999

It’s always wonderful to hear that some of our College Alumni are now married with children. What’s even more special is when two of them were from the same graduating year.

When did you attend Prendiville Catholic College?
Jacqui & Anthony: 1995-1999

What were your interests/specialist subjects at school?
Jacqui: Music, Dance, Sport and Computing
Anthony: Manual Arts, Sport, Maths and Computing

What is your current profession?
Jacqui: Catholic Ed in the Catholic Arts Office
Anthony: Public Servant (Dept of Transport)

Describe your experience at Prendiville Catholic College
Our experience at Prendiville was great. We made life-long friends which we still have today. The school allowed us to experience more than just academics which benefited us.

How has Prendiville Catholic College influenced you and made you the person that you are?
Our friendship group is very strong and we have always been there for each other through good and bad times. Prendiville has always felt like a family to us even after leaving.

What were your most memorable moments at Prendiville Catholic College?
Jacqui: Performing in the Musicals and School Productions, as well as representing the school in swimming at Inter-school.
Anthony: Being given the opportunities to go to Inter-school and the peer support offered at school was great.