Getting to know your Alumni

By June 17, 2021 News


When did you attend Prendiville Catholic College?
I studied at Prendiville from Year 8 to Year 12 (2009-2013)

What were your interests/specialist subjects at school?
During my time at Prendiville I was consistent with my specialist studies in Italian and Music. I was initially hesitant in choosing Italian in Year 9 as I wanted to pursue dance and visual arts. However, Prof. Valvasori mentioned to me that it would have been a waste of linguistic talent (a quote which I have carried with me since!)

The Italian department at Prendiville boasts a strong team of staff that have left me with some fond memories over the years as well as those made from participating in the two-month cultural exchange program at the end of Year 11. This was very beneficial for my Italian studies moving into Year 12.

The specialist music program was also fundamental in shaping me into the musician I am today. I have developed strong skills in songwriting, ensemble work and collaboration and producing music, in addition to developing and furthering my passion for musical theatre.

What is your current profession?
Since leaving school I have enjoyed several careers – gigging around bars and restaurants in Perth, working as a children’s entertainer (as various Disney Princesses and Star Wars heroines) and teaching private singing lessons to primary school aged students who have gone on to place in national competitions. I am still working for a children’s entertainment company and teaching singing lessons.

I have completed a Diploma (2014) and Advanced Diploma (2015) in Contemporary Music at WAAPA. I was then invited to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts in a year and a half (rather than three years), and so my time at WAAPA came to an end in 2017. I had the view of becoming a larger-than-life pop-star, but wasn’t keen to move away from Perth. In 2018, I studied part-time at UWA and completed my Graduate Diploma in Italian Studies with the view of becoming an interpreter, however upon my graduation in absentia (thanks Covid), I decided that I could actually combine my passion of music and language by becoming a teacher. Now I’m studying (hopefully what will be for the last time) my Masters in Primary Teaching at ECU.

Describe your experience at Prendiville Catholic College
My experience at the College was definitely a positive and memorable one, and I often think back to moments that have stuck in my mind from nearly 10 years ago. The highlights (to name a few) were the friends that I made (and kept) and the experiences offered through the various extracurricular and in-school programs (school musicals, concerts, retreats, camps and exchange programs).

Becoming Arts Captain of our graduating class was something that I feel I worked hard for and was very deserving of because of my passion – not just to the performing arts, but to the visual and language arts also.

How has Prendiville Catholic College influenced you and made you the person that you are?
The values and responsibilities that were expected of me at school are ones that I have carried through to adulthood – specifically, those of accountability, integrity and respect. There was always an opportunity where I felt welcomed for being the person that I was. There were areas and ways in which my teachers allowed my creativity to really shine through and I will forever appreciate their support and guidance. I had the privilege of being taught by so many wonderful teachers and they are often in my thoughts. I look forward to reconnecting with them when I become a teacher and gaining insight into how I can also make a child’s life that much better and create the reason that they want to come to school.

What were your most memorable moments at Prendiville Catholic College?
Obviously becoming Arts Captain in Year 12 was a huge highlight. Other than that though I really enjoyed participating in every Twilight Sounds concert, Catholic Performing Arts Festival and school musical (Back to the 80’s, Oklahoma! and Grease). These experiences have shaped me into a well-rounded performer and I have really come into my own and no longer have issues performing for large audiences!