Getting to know your Alumni

By June 2, 2021 News

NEIL NORRIS – CLASS OF 1990 | Inaugural Head Boy

Whilst helping us with a photoshoot for a feature in our local newspaper, we sat down with Neil to find out a little about what he’s been up to since graduating from our College and what his experience was like during his time here.

When did you attend Prendiville Catholic College?
I studied at Prendiville from Year 8 to Year 12 (1986-1990).

What were your interests/specialist subjects at school?
My interests at Prendiville included tennis, cricket, hockey, basketball, football, cross country and soccer (definitely not swimming). I loved physics, chemistry and maths.

What is your current profession?
I’m currently a pharmacist and owner/partner in a number of Pharmacy 777 pharmacies.

Describe your experience at Prendiville Catholic College
My experience at Prendiville was always one of happiness and enjoyment in an era of minimal tech, where a more hands-on approach was always necessary. Initially, no one knew what to expect and so relationships were formed between students and teachers with a mutual understanding and general respect for authority.

How has Prendiville Catholic College influenced you and made you the person that you are?
Prendiville was a fantastic forum that allowed me to achieve both academically and socially, instilling a competence and resilience which would be needed in my future endeavours. This combined with an overall spiritual understanding and acknowledgement, gave me the building blocks to be able to graduate with a sense of confidence and excitement for what was to come.

What were your most memorable moments at Prendiville Catholic College?
My most memorable moments were graduating after all the hard work, creating life-long friends, the many camps and excursions, the banter with the teachers and laughs without fear of offending, participating in a number of sporting activities against other schools, having the whole school on basketball courts at lunch as there was no oval, being huddled in the toilets in winter under the hand dryers as we were freezing and always being the oldest in the school.