Physical Education

The Physical Education programme in Year 7 includes a variety of sports and activities. These activities include fundamental movement skills, AFL, tennis and athletics.

Physical Education

Year 7

The programme is designed to allow students to further develop skills they already possess and provide opportunities to experience new activities. Students will continue developing ways of applying tactics and strategies to a game, including the use of space in attack and defence. By playing a variety of team sports, students will focus on how to work effectively as a team. They will also have opportunities to develop leadership and are encouraged to display a high level of sportsmanship to their peers.

Year 7 students will also participate in all Interhouse Carnivals: Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country and Surfing. High achievers in these competitions will be selected to represent our College at ACC and Champion Schools level. In the lead up to these competitions the Physical Education Department provides training sessions which are open to all students.

The Physical Education Department also runs lunchtime Interhouse Sporting Competitions for all age groups in Netball and Volleyball. Points accumulated across all Interhouse events (Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, Surfing and lunchtime competitions) contribute towards a Champion Interhouse Sporting award.

Coastal Associated Schools (CAS) Winter after school sporting competition for Year 7 students includes soccer, netball and basketball in Term 2.  Year 7 students may nominate to fill positions in the Year 8/9 CAS competitions in Terms 1 and 2 where they are available. Apart from this, a number of after school competitions will be organised with other CAS affiliated schools on an informal basis.