Humanities is a fascinating, challenging and enjoyable subject. It helps us to understand the changes in societies and countries over time, investigate the development of the world’s resources, and predict future trends for our lifestyles and the use of our natural environment.


Year 7

The knowledge, skills and values associated with Humanities encourage students to constantly question and evaluate the world around them and promote stewardship of the environment as global citizens.

The four areas that will be studied are:


Water in the world – This unit examines the many uses of water, the ways it is perceived and valued, its different forms as a resource, the ways it connects places as it moves through the environment, its varying availability in time and across space, and its scarcity

Place and Liveability – This unit examines factors that influence liveability and how it is perceived, the idea that places provide us with the services and facilities needed to support and enhance our lives, and that spaces are planned and managed by people.

History – Ancient World: Investigating the Ancient Past.

Students will examine past societies and their traditional ways of life. The importance of conserving the remains of the ancient past, including the heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Particular focus will be on the continuity and changes, which occurred within early Australian pre-history and ancient Egypt.

Economics – Producing and consuming.

Students will study how businesses interact with the consumers meeting their needs and wants. In addition students will examine the characteristics of entrepreneurs, including the behaviours and skills they bring to their businesses (e.g. establishing a shared vision; and demonstrating initiative, innovation and enterprise) as well as why individuals work (e.g. earning an income, contributing to an individual’s self-esteem, material and non-material living standards, happiness).

Civics and Citizenship – Designing our political and legal system

This unit examines the Australian Constitution, the concept of the separation of powers and division of powers between state/territory and federal levels of government in Australia As well as how Australia’s legal system aims to provide justice.