A project of positivity!

By October 13, 2020 News

Students at our College may have noticed that over the holidays, their bathroom stalls have received a makeover. Each door is looking bold and colourful, covered in words of affirmation with the goal of spreading positivity across campus.

In November 2019, an application was sent to the POP (Parents of Prendiville) Committee to fund a new initiative around the College. This project was proposed by Stephen Hunter (Head of Year 9), who after discussing ideas with a student, was inspired to create something that could spread positivity and raise awareness about mental health.

Having a spirit of support and inclusivity amongst the Prendivillian community is very important, and as such students were asked for their input, creating their own designs and messages. In doing so, the students would also be gaining insights into how they can best self-soothe and learn more about how design and their environment affects their mood.

Students attended Prendiville time workshops with staff to create artwork and slogans to build positivity in the hope to foster an inclusive and safe space for all students and encourage an open dialogue around mental health.

These were then taken and turned into calligraphy style art, similar to our on-campus A-frame message boards. They were printed onto large decals now seen in every bathroom at the College.

In our fast paced social media society where a sense of grounding can be hard to find, these doors will work towards altering perceptions to realise ‘you are enough and you are never alone as God is walking by your side’.