Pastoral Care

Our goal is to help our students to:

  • gain a better understanding of themselves and their environment,
  • learn to accept responsibility for their actions and
  • develop leadership skills to assist them throughout life.

We believe that encouraging our students to value his or her own unique abilities is one of the most important lessons of life. Our teachers encourage every student to be confident in their self-worth, to be open to new experiences, to build new friendships, to develop individual abilities and to explore undeveloped talents.

A prime focus for us is to build strong partnerships between the College and the families of students through regular communication.

Upon entering our College, each child is placed into one of eight Houses. Within each House, students are placed into Year Group Homerooms (HR) and are cared for by Homeroom Teacher (HT). Homeroom Teachers develop a strong connection with students and is the first point of contact for parents. Each Year group is led by a Head of Year that is responsible for the pastoral care of students with a focus of addressing the developmental needs of the year group and it creating a strong year group identity.

Students are also placed into House Community Rooms (CR) that has students from Years 7-12 and they are cared for by a Community Room Teacher (CT).  We believe that this structure helps to break down the barriers between different ages while providing senior students the opportunity to support and be role models for the younger students. Siblings are placed into the same Community Room which ensures the Community Room Teacher develops a strong relationship with the each family. Each House has a House Leader who has responsibility for encouraging participation in House events, creating House spirit and a sense of belonging. 

Students remain in the same Homeroom and Community Room for the duration of their time at the College, and generally have the same Homeroom and Community Teacher, to ensure continuity from one year to the next. 

We are always happy to work with families on any academic, social or personal matters. We encourage parental involvement in many activities, which helps to create a community in which our students, parents and teachers learn and develop together.




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