GIfted & Talented

In addressing the diverse needs of our student population, the Gifted and Talented Programme at Prendiville is aligned to the policies and procedures as set out by Catholic Schools of WA in the document,

The 'Processes and Procedures for the Identification and Support of Gifted and Talented Students in Catholic Schools in Western Australia', a document which provides direction for Catholic schools in the understanding of giftedness. 

In accordance with this, at a school level, provision for students who have been identified for the programme is three tiered and must include the following high leverage curriculum components as outlined in the document, namely; 

  • A Curriculum differentiation
  • B Acceleration
  • C Learning beyond the classroom.

In 2016, a pilot Gifted and Talented programme will begin with a group of year 7 students. The new model is called the Prendiville Paideia Project.

Further information regarding to the Gifted and Talented programme can be obtained from our Learning Enrichment Coordinator Bev Reed or from the Gifted and Talented Programme Leader Lynn Gray


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