Glassworking, Jewellery & 3D Design

If you’ve always wanted to work with a range of materials including glass, precious metals and ceramics to design and create original jewellery, fused glass artworks and three-dimensional objects then this is the course for you.

This course is an introduction to working with a variety of materials and technologies with a specific focus on glass and metals to construct jewellery, fused glass artworks and small sculptures. Students will develop a unique skill set working with handmade glass, learning fusing and slumping processes. In addition they will work with base and precious metals to construct objects based on their own original designs using cutting, forming, soldering and polishing processes with professional equipment in a custom built studio. Other materials such as ceramics, timber and 3D printed plastic components may also be incorporated into artworks.

Glassworking, Jewellery and 3D Design is a subject suited to both male and female students as each project retains sufficient flexibility in design to cater to the interests of all participants.

Pathway:  This course leads to Year 9 Glassworking, Jewellery and 3D Design

Prerequisites: Nil


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