The Year 8 Dance course introduces students to Dance as an Art Form and establishes the Elements of Dance and basics of a Dance class. Students will learn a variety of steps and sequences within the Hip Hop, Jazz and Musical Theatre styles. They will engage in a variety of practical and theoretical tasks, which will enhance their repertoire and choreographic skills. The unit culminates in the preparation of a performance piece for the Annual Dance Showcase.

Dance classes aim to increase student flexibility and strength through warm-up, develop technique and discipline through dance exercises, and increase stage presence and confidence through performance and routines. Students are also given the opportunity to be taught by varying Choreographers in Dance workshops included in the course.

The structure of the Dance course allows for both beginners and advanced Dance students to be challenged equally. Each Term commences with a different Dance style focus. Throughout the year, students are also given several opportunities to choreograph and create their own Dance works.

Course Requirements: Students will be expected to perform at the Prendiville Dance Showcase in Term 3 (assessed). Students will also require the Prendiville Dance uniform for each Dance class.

This is available from the Uniform Shop:

  • Females: Black leotard and black leggings
  • Males: Black pants and black t-shirt.

Prerequisite: Nil

Pathway: This course leads to Year 9 Dance


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