Senior Independent Learning

Students choosing 5 courses will be provided with one line (5 periods a week) to enhance and complement their learning and understanding from their other course areas.

In offering the option of five courses to students, the College believes this will:

  • Enhance the development  of  independent critical learners
  • Provide  students  with the opportunity to learn effective time management skills required to maintain a lifestyle balance in a variety of post-school options
  • Allow students to enhance and complement their own learning from other course areas in  an independent learning environment
  • Provide additional time and reduce the assessment load for students who currently struggle
  • Provide students with the opportunity to improve their conceptual understanding and the quality of work

It is envisaged that the line free from a regular scheduled course will provide students with the opportunity to access and gain support from quality teaching staff. This may possibly take the form of:

  • Extra time with faculty specialists
  • Additional time spent on practical projects
  • Assistance with time management
  • Additional skills and knowledge across a variety of educational and life skills
  • Additional study time
  • Additional time to collaborate with students studying similar courses

Please note the course is not reportable and does not count towards the WACE or an ATAR score. The College reserves the right to change the structure of this course at any time without notice and additionally change the programme for individual students.


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