All Music courses offered at Prendiville are designed to encourage students to participate in musical activity as both a recreational and a vocational choice. It may serve as a pathway for further training and employment in a range of professions within the Music Industry, or simply as a means or experiencing the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from listening to and making music. Whatever the reason, Prendiville Music is an exciting, unique, prestigious and popular choice for students.

Music has a universal place in every culture across the globe and throughout history. The Western Art Music Course involves the study of the European tradition of music and its development over time. This is an intricate, challenging and highly interesting course where students study set works from the genres of Concerto and Symphony.

The course is divided into four content areas:

  • Performing
  • Composing/Arranging
  • Listening and Responding
  • Culture and Society

Unit 1: Concerto

In this unit students study the genre of the Concerto looking at the development of this genre over a variety of eras.  Students develop skills in melody writing, transposition and arranging for small instrumental ensembles. Students develop historical knowledge, perception and performance skills whilst looking at this genre.

Unit 2: Symphony

In this unit students study the genre of Symphonic Music from a variety of eras. In this unit students develop skills in analysis of symphonic works and ensembles, composition skills, the development of the symphony and concert practice. Students develop historical knowledge, perception and performance skills whilst looking at this genre. Students study a number of eras in depth, as well as a variety of prominent symphonic works.

Prerequisites: Year 11 Music ATAR Units 1 and 2 to a C grade.

The Music VET standalone course focuses on the areas of performance, ensemble and band skills, sound recording, editing and mixing, in a hands-on and practical environment.

The VET Music course makes prime use of our industry standard recording studio with a ‘live’ and ‘dead’ sound area, and our new purpose-built control room, fitted with a complete package of industry standard recording and sound equipment, and running the latest version of ProTools software (ProTools V11). All students in this course are trained in the use of the recording studio, all equipment and software, and once trained to a sufficient level, may choose to book the studio out of class time to engineer a recording of themselves or others.

This course will also make use in of our brand new Music Technology Lab – fitted with Mac computers running the latest mixing and editing software including ProTools 11, Auralia, Sibelius and Acid Music Studio.

This course is run in two parts and provides students with the opportunity to complete a full Certificate III over Year 11 and 12, providing them with a qualification as well as a credit of 3 units towards their WACE. A Certificate III will provide students with credit towards WAAPA entry or another area of TAFE study.

Choose this course if you: Have a strong interest in the technical production side of Music – ie. Recording, sound engineering, editing and mixing. Whilst this is predominantly a practical class, written components will be required.

Cost:  There is an additional cost of $250 to cover the VET auspicing, workshop fee and professional studio excursion.

Prerequisite: VET Music Certificate III Part One (Year 11)

Students who have not studied the Year 11 Music VET course Part One may still apply for the Year 12 VET course. Students choosing this option will receive half credit of the Certificate III. The ability to play an instrument at a reasonable level, and a strong passion and interest in music production and sound recording is required, as well as a high level of dedication and commitment to both the practical and written components of the course.

All new entries are at the discretion of the Head of Performing Arts.


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