This course provides students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills of digital technologies in order to use them in a responsible and informed manner.  The Applied Information Technology ATAR course provides a sound theoretical and practical foundation, offering pathways to further studies and a wide range of technology based careers.

Unit 3 – Evolving Digital Technologies

This unit focuses on the use of applications to create, modify, manipulate, use and/or manage technologies. Students consider the nature and impact of technological change and the effect this has when creating products for a particular purpose and audience.

Unit 4 – Digital Technologies within a Global Society

This unit focuses on the production of a digital solution for a particular client. Students undertake the management of data and develop an appreciation of the social, ethical and legal impacts of digital technologies within a global community.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ATAR Applied Information Technology Unit 1 and 2 with a minimum C grade.

This course provides students with practical and technical skills that equip them to function effectively in a world where these attributes are vital for employability and daily life in a technological society. It provides a sound understanding of computing to support students pursuing further studies in related fields.

Unit 3 – Design and development of computer-based systems and database solutions

In this unit, students understand the design concepts and tools used to develop relational database systems. They consider the complex interactions between users, developers, the law, ethics and society when computer systems are used and developed.

Unit 4 – Design and development of communication systems and software solutions

Students gain the knowledge and skills to create software. They use algorithms and structured programming to design and implement software solutions for a range of problems using the software development cycle (SDC). Students examine attitudes and values that lead to the creation and use of computer-based systems and their effect on society. They consider networks, communication systems, including security and protocols.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ATAR Computer Science Unit 1 and 2 with a minimum C grade.


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