Year 11 Curriculum Overview

Students in Year 11 and 12 at Prendiville Catholic College have the option of choosing either five or six courses. These courses run 5 times a week in a 30 period week.  In choosing their courses students should ensure this is done in accordance with all WACE Guidelines and future post school destinations requirements. This information is available on the Subject Selection Home Page under WACE Eligibility and Post School Destinations. 

Parents and students must realise that Religion and either English or Literature remain compulsory and choosing five courses will only allow them to choose three more courses of their choice. Many students may choose to study 6 courses, particularly if they wish to keep more options open for tertiary education and provide assistance in ensuring all WACE requirements are met.  Five courses will enable achievement of the WACE but will not provide the safety net that some may gain from 6 courses.

Students choosing to undertake 5 courses will need to choose Senior Independent Learning as their sixth course.  Please see the Course description for further details.

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