Students spend the majority of their time planning and making two individual artworks that they develop from overarching themes. The course caters for students who wish to explore the following mediums: painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, video, textiles, animation, photography, printmaking, glass, or any combination of these.

Guest speakers, artists and Art teachers work as a team to coach and mentor students through the practical and theoretical aspects of the course. Students don’t need to be overly proficient in any one area when they enter the course, as they will develop skills along the way.

The Year 11 Visual Arts course is divided into two main themes.

Unit 1: Differences

Unit 2: Identities

Prerequisite:  Students should achieve a minimum of a C grade in Art or Fine Art in Year 10 Art to be accepted into Year 11 Visual Art (ATAR).  Students who have not completed an Arts course in Year 10 are still eligible but will require an interview with the Subject Coordinator.

Pathway:  Units 1 & 2 in Visual Arts (ATAR) lead to Units 3 & 4 (ATAR) in Year 12.

This is a fun course that will give you the skills to design and construct stencils, use paint pens and aerosols to draw and spray images, make transfers and create your own ‘Low Brow’ sculpture. This course will allow you to develop your own designs and experiment with materials creatively. As a class you will work collaboratively with a well known Perth street artist to paint a car that will participate in the annual fundraising Cancer Council car rally.

This subject represents the first year of the two-year course where students have the opportunity to gain a Certificate III in Visual Arts. Over the two years the students will cover workplace skills and knowledge related to working in the Creative Arts industry.  To achieve the full qualification Certificate III in Visual Arts (CUV30111) 13 units must be completed over 2 years: 4 core units and 9 elective units.

Our College has an auspicing arrangement with North Metro TAFE for this qualification, so students will be enrolled with this RTO.

Prerequisites: Nil

Pathways Information:  Successful completion of a Certificate III in Year 12 secures a place in a Certificate IV course at North Metropolitan TAFE.

Course Fee:  A student choosing to complete this qualification at Prendiville Catholic College will be charged a subject levy which absorbs the delivery costs of completing the qualification from the RTO (Registered Training Organisation). A subject levy plus a materials fee of $50 per student will be incurred in 2017.


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