Year 10 students will continue to be provided with the opportunity to work in the Science laboratories and become familiar with the skills and processes relevant to the study of Science. Year 10 is seen as an important year in preparing students for their future studies in Science in Year 11 and 12.

Students this year will be streamed into either Course 1 (extension), Course 2 (mainstream) or Science Focus (Course 3) based on their science results from Year 9 science and other aspects of their learning.

At the end of Semester 1 students will be reselected for Course 1 depending on what science course/s they want to do in Year 11 and what marks they have achieved in Semester 1.   

The course content follows closely the guidelines as laid out in the Australian Curriculum document, which we are implementing in our courses.  In this curriculum, Science has three interrelated strands: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills which are integrated into all sections of our course.

Students will proceed to study all sub-strands of the Science Understanding Strand. These are Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth and Space sciences at the Year 10 level. The course follows closely the content of the student text and e-learning resources which are based on the Australian Curriculum.

There is an emphasis on the use of information technology as students will use various Applets on their iPads and will need to go on-line to complete homework, assignment tasks, making presentations, setting up folders to organise their notes and files and using forums to discuss what they have learnt.

SCIENCE TOPICS for all classes

Semester 1

All students will do 10 weeks each of Life and Living (Genetics/Biotechnology) and Natural and Process Materials (Chemistry).

Semester 2 

Students will be selected depending on what subjects they want to choose in Year 11 and what marks they achieved in Semester 1.  Full course descriptions will be given to students at the start of the semester.

Pathways in Semester 2:

To better prepare our students for what science courses they want to choose in Year 11 students will go into one of the following pathways in Semester 2.

Pathway 1: Students wanting to do Chemistry or Physics and/or achieving above 80 percent in Semester 1.

Pathway 2: Environmental Science – students wanting to do Chemistry and another ATAR science course – Biology, Human Biology, Psychology or Earth and Environmental Science.

Pathway 3: Students wanting to do either Human Biology, Psychology, Biology and Environmental Science but not Chemistry or Physics

Pathway 4: General science – students who will not be selecting a ATAR science course in Year 11

Pathway 5: Science Focus continues – will allow students to select a General science course in Year 11.

These courses lead to Year 11 Science WACE courses both at the ATAR and General Level.


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