Science & Mathematics (STEM) Enrichment

This new course in 2018 is designed for students who have a keen interest in science/ mathematics and are thinking of a career that is STEM related. STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and is based on the fact that in many aspects of everyday life all four facets of STEM occur in many careers.

The course aims to develop critical problem-solving skills within interesting and engaging projects related to the areas above. The course is project based with students working individually and in groups on specific topics that range from designing an applet that allows people to find interesting scientific significant sites south of Perth, designing rockets, presenting a Chemistry Show to primary school students and working with coding to programme robots.

As it is a new course specific details of all projects are yet to be finalised. Some possible examples are related to Horticulture, Rocketry, Alternative Energy, Robotics, Mouse Trap Racers, Forensic Science and Astronomy.

STEM enrichment includes …

  • Researching relevant scientific issues such as Sustainable Living, Alternative Energy Resources, Diseases, Astronomy, Water Conservation, Wetland Ecology and Biotechnology.
  • Being involved in such state wide events as the Annual Solar Car Challenge.
  • Participation in internet web quests dealing with such topics as Forensic Science – crime scene investigation.
  • Use of a telescope in Astronomy.
  • Possible excursion to ECU or UWA to look at the facilities that are available in STEM-related courses and attending Science/Mathematics week activities.
  • Studying more challenging concepts related to STEM

This course prepares students for future studies in STEM based courses at University and TAFE. An important requirement for the course is for students to work both independently and collaboratively with others to complete projects to a high standard within a specific time frame. All projects will require a written component and some form of presentation.

Prerequisites:  Students must also gain written approval from the Head of Science and/or Mathematics. Only students currently enrolled in Year 9 Science Extension or Advanced Mathematics, or students consistently achieving at least a B grade in Science Mainstream or Intermediate A Mathematics will qualify for selection.

Class Size:  Class sizes are limited due to the practical nature of the course.


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