English Extension

This elective is for high achievers in English.

Year Ten Extension English focuses on the intellectual study of literary texts from the genres of poetry, prose and drama and the discipline of rigorous literary analysis as applied to texts. The subject provides an excellent introduction to the study of Literature in senior school.

Students in this course conduct a close analysis of a range of texts, analysing how literature can represent different cultures and often reveals how alike humans are across time and contexts. Extension English provides students an opportunity to pursue a stimulating study of literature potentially whetting their appetite to pursue a formal study of Literature in the senior years.

This course is designed for those independent learners who not only love a good read but those who thirst for a deeper understanding of what they read. The highly innovative course provides many opportunities for students to drawn on their strengths in creative and critical ways that improve their understanding of literary texts.

Prerequisite:  Year Nine Mainstream English: B grade  or   Year Nine Extension English: B grade

Extension English in Year Ten is a natural progression from Year Nine Extension English, however it is not a prerequisite and is designed to lead to the study of Literature in upper school.


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